January 29, 2015

A DoE Q&A With GE Healthcare Part 3: Models and Evaluations

More from GE Healthcare’s recent webcast: Fundamentals of DoE in Protein Production and Purification

During the live broadcast, many good questions from the audience were received. The limited time did not allow all questions to be answered. Now, we have taken questions that were not addressed during the Q&A session and asked the experts to answer them for you!

The questions are sorted into three 10-minute recorded sessions. The first two sessions--general how-to-questions and method and design--are available. The third and last session revolves around models and evaluations of data.

By registering for one session, you can access all three. 

For further implementation of DoE techniques in your protein purification work, you may find the on-demand webinar and DoE handbook helpful.

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