August 17, 2016

Affinity Chromatography Handbook in 3 Volumes

Affinity chromatography (AC) separates proteins on the basis of a reversible interaction between a protein (or group of proteins) and a specific ligand coupled to a chromatography matrix. The technique offers high selectivity, hence high resolution, and usually high capacity for the protein(s) of interest. Purification can be in the order of several thousand-fold and recoveries of active material are generally very high.

Learn more about AC in these updated Handbooks.

The Affinity Chromatography Handbook from GE Healthcare is divided into three volumes:
Affinity Chromatography, Vol. 1: Antibodies
Affinity Chromatography, Vol. 2: Tagged Proteins
Affinity Chromatography, Vol. 3: Specific Groups of Biomolecules

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Tags: Protein A, affinity, chromatography