May 31, 2014

BPA Interview

Process Development Forum spoke with the organizers of the upcoming BioProcessing Asia (BPA) conference in November.

John Curling: BioProcessing Asia is really the first science and technology focused meeting at which R&D, process and product development leaders will be able to present and discuss their contributions to the development of affordable biologics—from antibodies to vaccines in a biosimilars context. Asia is rapidly advancing across a broad spectrum of biological products and technologies and is on the cusp of global contribution in a $200 billion market forecast to grow at >20% CAGR. Now, I look forward to the focus on Asian biopharmaceutical needs and open discourse between a wide range of participants from East and West on the advances and challenges of bioprocessing.

Günter Jagschies: I’ve been to many meetings around Asia and have always been missing the in-depth, open minded scientific exchange of ideas, concepts, and technical solutions between participants that I enjoy from a small number of not-for-profit conferences in Europe and North America. This exchange really drives progress of our industry. Asia is a huge continent but the Asian markets and cultures are so different that there is not too much happening in the way of communication and networking between biopharma managers and scientists from different Asian countries. I’m confident that BioProcessing Asia will provide a stimulating forum for discussion and learning as we aim to bring together people from not just everywhere in Asia but from all over the world—I’m looking forward to BPA 2014 as a meeting between East and West.

Neil Goss: Bioprocessing is the technical core of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry and is therefore central to the success of developing and producing products of therapeutic value and utility in a world conscious of improving the quality of life and healthcare. Nowhere is this focus on improving healthcare more apparent than in the burgeoning economies of Asia. BioProcessing Asia will specifically address critical aspects of bioprocessing and also provide a unique, stimulating forum for open discussion. The Conference Sessions will be chaired by international experts from the industry in an informal environment and the Conference structured to allow ample opportunity for participant interactions and the development of personal networks.

The BPA meeting is now open for registration and submission of abstracts.

Dr. Neil Goss is Executive Director of Further Options PTY; John Curling runs a consulting business in Uppsala, Sweden and Dr. Gunter Jagschies is Strategic Customer Relations manager with GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

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