February 9, 2023

Choose your Optimal Wavelength for Chromatography

ÄKTA™ chromatography systems and resins offer a wide range of solutions for isolating and purifying target molecules from research, through process development and manufacturing. With a variety of platforms available, from the easy-to-use ӒKTA start™, to the compact ӒKTA go™, flexible ÄKTA pure™ and security of ӒKTA avant through to the bioprocess-scale systems – the ability to scale up your purification is readily available 

For customers with a focus on emerging molecules, proteins, peptides and nucleic acid, ÄKTA pure™ chromatography system is flexible and intuitive, and includes the ability to upgrade as your research progresses. Available with 3 different wavelength options — which is the best for your research?

U9-T example ratio curve   

This graph shows UV2/UV1 (260/280) ratio curve for a sample run on ÄKTA pure™ 25 T chromatography system.

U9-T monitor allows differentiation between peaks containing protein and those containing DNA/RNA, nucleic acids or nucleotides. Most proteins absorb strongly at 280 nm due to the presence of tryptophan and tyrosine, whilst DNA/RNA, nucleic acids and nucleotides absorb strongly at 260 nm. U9-T monitor with dual wavelength monitoring at 260/280nm can also show a ratio curve, with pure proteins generally having a value of 0.6 and pure DNA/RNA a value of 1.8–2.0.



Tags: chromatography, molecular diversity, protein purification