November 30, 2011

Efficiency test of ReadyToProcess columns

ReadyToProcess™ columns are prepacked, pre-qualified, and intended for immediate use. Every individual column is qualified by efficiency testing, which comprises analysis of theoretical plates per m packed bed (N/m) and asymmetry factor (As). Acceptance limits have been established for efficiency testing at 100 cm/h, which is a higher liquid velocity than that usually recommended in order to obtain the maximal calculated plate number/m packed bed. This application note compares the results obtained for different columns and sizes at 30 cm/h and 100 cm/h using a
BioProcess™ system with a peristaltic pump.

Although the values obtained at 100 cm/h are lower than values obtained at 30 cm/h, the difference is predictable. The values obtained at 100 cm/h are directly comparable with those given in the certificates accompanying ReadyToProcess columns, and better reflect the efficiency during operation.

Click here to download the full application note in PDF format.

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