June 9, 2016

Fast Turnaround with Automated Column Packing

Traditionally, column packing has been an art rather than a science. The process can consume essential time and resources. Risking poor performance with a suboptimally packed bed is not an option. Packing success is, therefore, key to ensure an efficient purification process with high yield and throughput.

Packing success from the start
Today it is possible to get packing right on the first try. Automated columns can help save both time and labor costs. AxiChrom™ columns have been designed for easy and reliable packing. Preprogrammed, verified, and automated packing methods, together with a purposeful column design, enable one operator to quickly achieve packing success, independent of previous experience.

To learn more about automated packing and other way to gain efficiency in downstream bioprocesses download the white paper: Unlocking the Potential for Efficiency in Downstream Bioprocesses.

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