May 9, 2018

Flow Accuracy and Gradient Performance of ÄKTA pilot 600 Chromatography System

akta pilotAccurate flow is important for your chromatography step to provide reproducible results at different scales. A comparable flow accuracy between scales can facilitate scaling of your methods. 

In this application note, we demonstrate the flow and gradient formation of the ÄKTA pilot 600 chromatography system. Gradient accuracy and range were calculated from the flow accuracy. Gradient accuracy was also evaluated by running step and linear gradients at different flow rates. Within the buffer B gradient range (%B) from 1%B to 99%B at a system flow rate of 5–600 mL/min, gradient accuracy was found to be ±1%B.

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Tags: downstream bioprocessing; chromatography gradient performance, chromatography ÄKTA pilot 600, pilot scale chromatography