December 16, 2013

Announcing the HTPD Olympiad

HTPD Olympiad

Based on the enthusiastic endorsement from the second high-throughput process development (HTPD) conference, we are pleased to announce the first HTPD Olympiad. The Olympiad allows process developers to benchmark their internal HTPD workflows against peers in the biopharmaceutical industry and academy. The organizers are hoping to see a diversity of approaches to meet the main challenges in HTPD. The Olympiad will focus on downstream processing and process analytics

For enablement of the HTPD Olympiad, minimum five teams need to be registered. Maximum 15 teams will be accepted and selected based on registration date (first come first served).

The challenge

The Olympiad comprises the development of a process for purification of a domain antibody (DAB) expressed in E. coli. Your challenge will be to use HTPD workflows in the development of a purification protocol for maximized DAB purity and yield. Your participating team will be provided with a description of the target molecule, a DAB-containing sample of clarified harvest fluid, a set of maximum five types of chromatography media (resins), and descriptions of suggested analytical methods. Your process will be assessed in four categories: (1) process performance (yield, purity); (2) data handling and modeling; (3) analytics; and (4) HTPD workflow efficiency (time, sample consumption).

For more details, see "Description".   Or visit the HTPD Meetings website.

The registration enrollment will be open until 31 January 2014.

How to register

The registration enrolment will be open until 31 January 2014. To register for the HTPD Olympiad, you will be asked to submit three documents:

•Completed registration form, found here:  ”HTPD Registration form Olympiad”

•Terms and conditions: please download the document, fill in the requested information, and send to: [email protected]

•Document for ordering Material for the HTPD Olympiad: please download the document, fill in the document according to the instruction and send to: [email protected]

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