July 13, 2016

Maximize resin usage with continuous bioprocessing

Continuous processing has proved a very successful model in many industries. As such, there has been a growing interest in using continuous concepts also in biomanufacturing.

Periodic counter-current chromatography (PCC) is a multi-step approach to maximize the chromatography resin capacity utilization and minimize process time. The technology employs three or more chromatography columns to create a continuous purification step. In a PCC setup, columns are switched between the loading and nonloading steps, such as wash and elution. PCC increases the use of available resin and enables smaller equipment footprint and shorter processing times compared with batch processing.

To learn more about continuous chromatography, and other ways to gain efficiency in downstream bioprocesses, download the white paper: Unlocking the Potential for Efficiency in Downstream Bioprocesses.

Tags: chromatography resin, pcc, continuous chromatography