October 25, 2018

Optimization of Fed‑Batch Culture Conditions for a mAb‑Producing CHO Cell Line

bio reactorThis application note describes a broadly applicable and efficient workflow toward finding the optimal feed combination for the best-performing fed-batch processes. 

An IgG1-producing CHO cell line was cultured in HyClone™ CDM4NS0 medium, and individual HyClone Cell Boost™ feed supplements were screened in subsequent spiked-batch and fed-batch experiments. Process development was supported by a design of experiment (DoE) approach to reduce the number of cultures required to infer valuable information on how certain feed combinations influence culture performance.

In the first step, optimal feed combinations were screened by spiking the basal medium with different Cell Boost combination on day 0 of batch cultures. The selected Cell Boost supplements were thereafter applied in fed-batch cultures to fine-tune their relative ratios. The selected fed-batch culture conditions supported mAb titers of approximately 4 g/L in bioreactor cultures. 

Tags: cell boost, hyclone, CHO, cell culture, upstream