June 29, 2014

Process development for optimized recovery of a domain antibody (Dab) from E. coli using cross flow filtration

This application note describes the development of a clarification process (removal of cells and cell debris) with optimized recovery of a Dab from an E. coli extract using cross flow filtration (CCF). CFF is suitable for applications involving viscous or high-solid feeds. Hollow fiber filter cartridges are commonly used for the CFF step. Because of their open channel structure, hollow fiber filters are wellsuited for microfiltration applications such as recovery of proteins expressed in bacteria. In the optimization of the clarification process, the filter pore size and operating conditions were selected for retaining solids in the retentate, while achieving high recovery of the target protein in the permeate.

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Tags: AKTA flux, crossflow, filtration, clarification, dAb, antibody fragment