May 7, 2020

Rapid Cycling Protein A-Based Fiber Chromatography to Address Emerging Downstream Bottlenecks

Fibro PrismA is a new protein A fiber chromatography format developed to complement traditional resin-based chromatography. The protein A fiber matrix has an open pore structure in which mass transfer is governed by convective flow. This structure allows high monoclonal antibody (mAb) binding capacities at very short residence times, which reduces cycle times to minutes instead of the hours needed for resin-based chromatography. 

In this presentation, Oliver Hardick, Business Leader at Cytiva, will show examples of how Fibro PrismA technology can help to optimize wash and elution buffers in downstream process development and reduce development times, as well as how this scalable technology enhances productivity at process scale.

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Tags: PrismA, fiber based, Fibro, chromatography, protein A