October 31, 2011

Ready-to-use fluid management solutions for chromatography systems

A selection of fluid management components from GE Healthcare’s ReadyToProcess platform of disposable and single-use equipment was used to arrange buffer and sample management solutions for four typical large-scale
chromatography setups. These setups comprised different combinations of ReadyToProcess and AxiChrom™ columns and ÄKTA™ ready and ÄKTAprocess™ systems. 

Ready-to-use plastic bags, plastic tubing, connectors and a mobile processing station provided flexible liquid-handling solutions that will simplify workloads and boost efficiency for all four configurations. The increasingly wide range of ‘plug-and-play’ bioprocessing components now available should thus find use in pilot and production facilities that utilize both disposable as well as fixed equipment.

Click here to download the full application note in PDF format.

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Tags: AKTA, purification, ReadyToProcess, disposable, single-use