October 17, 2011

Ready-to-use fluid management solutions for cross flow filtration systems

A selection of fluid management components from GE Healthcare’s ReadyToProcess platform of disposable and single-use equipment was used to arrange buffer and sample management solutions for two large-scale filtration setups. The first was conventional cross flow ultra filtration on UniFlux™ 10 system, the second, cross flow micro filtration on UniFlux 30.

Ready-to-use plastic bags, plastic tubing, connectors and mobile processing stations provided flexible liquid-handling solutions that will simplify workloads and boost efficiency for both systems. The increasingly wide range of ‘plug-and-play’ bioprocessing components now available should thus find use in pilot and production facilities running large-scale filtration applications.

Click here to download the full application note in PDF format.

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Tags: disposable, filtration, ReadyToProcess, single-use