February 23, 2023

See a chromatography modeling software in action

Mechanistic models use computer simulations to decrease the number of experiments you need during process development. 

The simulations are based on known physiochemical phenomena involved in chromatography. 

Feed your lab data into your chromatography modeling software, and let the computer calibrate a model. 

Once calibrated, you can perform all further experiments in silico and generate thousands of purification options in a few hours (Fig. 1). The typical mechanistic chromatography modeling workflow is an interplay of the tools that you currently use in the lab and the modeling software (Fig 2).

Fig 1. Mechanistic modeling creates computer-simulated chromatograms.

Fig 2. High-level workflow for mechanistic chromatography modeling.

GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software is designed to create digital twins of your chromatography processes.

Watch a 15 min video to dive into GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software and discover its main functions.


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