January 11, 2017

Single-Use Extractables and Leachables: GE’s Alignment with the BPOG Protocol

Despite years of discussion and experience, E&L testing approaches for single-use equipment have not yet fully matured into a consensus industry practice. Copious amounts of data have been generated by the industry, but most of it is held under confidentiality. Trade organizations, such as the Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA) and suppliers have derived their own approaches to testing. For end users who are adopting single-use (SU) equipment as a manufacturing strategy, this situation becomes unwieldy. The need for a standard approach both to the generation and to the reporting structure of extractables data becomes obvious. In this environment, BPOG has published a proposal for such a standard approach. Learn more how GE has aligned with the BPOG protocol.

Tags: BPOG, extractables leachables