March 26, 2020

The Future of Biopharma

In this article, Günter Jagschies, former Senior Director, Strategic Consumer Relations at Cytiva, highlights the evolution of the biopharma industry. Günter discuss challenges and opportunities for developing and manufacturing drugs based on cell and gene therapy to treat the symptoms of certain diseases—or even cure diseases completely—as well as ways to address and make these drugs affordable for patients and governments around the world.

When it comes to meeting unmet needs, biosimilars have a huge role to play, as they introduce competition to the market that can help to bring down the cost of expensive biopharmaceuticals. In the second part of the article, Soon Jae Park, CEO of Alteogen, gives insights into challenges of establishing a biosimilars business in South Korea.

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Tags: gene therapy, advanced therapeutics, biobetter, biosimilar, bioprocess intensification, bioprocessing