January 10, 2014

Top Topics of 2013

Top Topics from 2013

The most popular areas of interest on Process Development Forum last year included Mabs, Fabs and Quality by Design, as well as the extended European Process Development Tour and webinars about new technologies such as The ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 Bioreactor.

Antibody fragments (e.g., Fab, scFv, domain antibodies, etc.) are set to become the next important class of protein-based biotherapeutics after monoclonal antibodies (Mabs). Subsequently, there was significant interest in Fabs and Mabs. Top content in this area included:

“A Platform Approach for the Purification of Fabs
• “Purification strategies and platform alternatives for monoclonal antibodies”
“Purification of antibody Fragments—A New Route for Capture”

Quality by Design is an integral component of process development and visitors to the site responded to the number of Quality by Design articles and media we featured last year. Some of the most popular pieces included:

• “Regulatory Challenges in the QbD Paradigm
• “Advancing QbD in the EU”
“Quality by Design for Biotechnology Products
“QbD and PAT in Upstream Processing”

We took the content offline and on the road with a number of popular seminars this past year. The HTPD Symposium in England last November featured a day of discussions and talks with scientists from the industry and academia on HTPD tools and strategies. The European Process Development Tour made stops all throughout Western Europe and the United Kingdom for day long seminars about the impact of PD decisions on process outcomes and product quality. And the US Upstream Tour made stops in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina. Look for more offline experiences in 2014 with our upcoming conference, BioProcessing Asia , and the 3rd International HTPD conference in Sienna—which this year will be featuring the HTPD Olympiad.

Process Development Forum continues its commitment to offering on-going educational seminars, with live and on-demand webinars. One of the more popular webinars was The ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 bioreactor system. Richard Ferraro of GE Healthcare Life Sciences discussed the latest developments in the rocking bioreactor technology area. You can still catch this as an on demand webinar, where you’ll be shown data from investigations of how intelligent measurement and control features can easily be operated to save time and to achieve a reliable and predictable process outcome. Register now.

Tips continue to be popular on Process Development—and we’re always interested in having our readers submit their own ideas for tips as well. Send us your thoughts at [email protected]

How to elute proteins from multimodal chromatography resins, like Capto™ MMC and Capto adhere
A Polished Performance in Mab Purification
Ab Fab—Absolutely Fabulous

Join us as we continue the conversation and discussion in 2014.

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