Fast Trak, Training and Education

Training and Education services provides an exceptional learning experience for process development and manufacturing scientists, engineers, plant operators, and support staff.

We deliver hands-on training courses in Biacore and MicroCal technologies, as well as all aspects of bioprocessing, from cell culture and downstream process development to scale-up and manufacturing.

The presentations and hands-on exercises allow participants to:

•Integrate theory and practice with a high ratio of instructors and instruments to trainees
•Understand the purification issues using automated systems for both chromatography and filtration
•Gain an awareness of the regulatory aspects in today’s biotechnology processes
•Fully utilize the tools and principles of effective biomanufacturing

Custom courses can be developed specifically to suit your organization’s needs. Custom training can be given at your facility or at a GE Healthcare Life Sciences facility. Online e-learning courses are available on-demand directly from your computer.

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