June 28, 2017

Impact of sporicidal agent on MabSelect SuRe™ protein A resin lifetime

Bacterial endospore contamination constitutes a challenge in bioproduction due to their resistance to high concentrations of NaOH, commonly used in sanitization procedures. Hence, there is an interest in evaluating oxidizing agents with sporicidal activities, such as peracetic acid (PAA), in the control of such contaminants.
However, many of the protein-based chromatography resins used in purification of biomolecules are sensitive to harsh sanitization conditions. In this application note, the effects of treating MabSelect SuRe protein A affinity  resin with 20 mM PAA every fourth process cycle for more than 100 cycles were investigated. The results show that treatment with 20 mM PAA for 30 min or 30 mM PAA for 15 min could be used without significantly affecting mAb recovery or purification performance of the resin, as compared with a control process without PAA treatment. The frequency of PAA treatments, however, should be determined specifically for each mAb process.

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