September 16, 2013

Novel affinity medium for the purification of G-CSF targets

Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) is a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to an increased production of white blood cells.

GCSFSelect affinity chromatography medium (resin) is specifically designed for the purification of recombinantly produced G-CSF from various expression systems.  The medium is based on a rigid agarose base matrix that allows for high flow velocities and low back pressures. 

The affinity ligand was developed with technology from BAC BV, Naarden, Netherlands and is specifically selected for binding and elution of G-CSF in the presence of other proteins from various expression systems.  

GCSFSelect medium enables efficient, initial purification of G-CSF, with high purity and yield at large-scale production.  In this poster, the choice of binding and elution buffers as well as selectivity conditions for the capture of G-CSF from an E. coli lysate are presented.

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