October 8, 2015

Process economy and production capacity using single-use versus stainless steel fermentation equipment

This white paper compares production capacity and process economy between stainless steel and single-use equipment in microbial processes. Economy simulations were based on an E. coli Dab process. Production scenarios in both single- and multi-product facilities were considered. In comparison with a stainless steel strategy, this study shows that the annual production capacity can be increased up to 100% with a single-use strategy due to a faster batch changeover procedure. The increased production capacity with single-use equipment means that a defined amount of batches can be produced in shorter time, for example, in a manufacturing campaign or during process development. The increased batch throughput also generates a greater profit opportunity, which benefits can outnumber the higher production cost per batch associated with the single-use alternative. With the decreased financial risk with single-use equipment, the business case becomes more agile in comparison with stainless steel equipment associated with higher fixed costs.

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