November 20, 2018

Scalable Continuous Chromatography Process for Enhanced Efficiency in Biomanufacturing

The cost pressure on biopharmaceuticals drives the industry toward exploring process intensification options that will maintain or improve quality, stability, and manufacturability of the product while increasing productivity. One such option explored is continuous, or connected, biomanufacturing. For continuous chromatography, interest in techniques such as periodic counter current chromatography (PCC) is increasing.

In this poster presented at the Recovery XVIII conference, based on data from a collaboration between Merck and GE Healthcare Life Sciences, we use two case studies to demonstrate that PCC is a robust and scalable technology: a 50-fold scale-up of a three-column PCC (3C PCC) mAb capture step within the lab-scale ÄKTA™ pcc system and a 294-fold scale-up directly from lab to manufacturing scale.

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