June 14, 2017

Strategies for optimized cell culture media: Effectively using design space to influence product quality

Effective biopharmaceutical production is achieved in part through target-specific, quality-optimized cell culture media. Balancing the many individual media components required to achieve high titers and support critical protein quality attributes can be challenging. Here we highlight a statistical design strategy to optimize cell culture media to influence the charge variant profile of a mAb produced in CHO DG44 cells. 

Media optimization requires incorporation of progressive statistical strategies. First, a screening model is used to identify the key components that influence critical culture attributes (e.g., titer, protein quality). Multivariate analysis can be used to identify factors correlating with the various attributes. Further rounds target optimization of factor levels. The following case study presents a two-part screening campaign that was used to target charge variant factors. Results indicate that several conditions improved titer and maximized main variant expression. A subsequent round focused on finding optimal levels for key drivers of higher titer and main variant expression.

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