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Article Managing Biomanufacturing Capacity Expectations
Because executives commonly plan capacity requirements based on launch forecasts, there are many factors that can lead to miscalculations of capacity, making it challenging to know what capacity to bu…

Article Innovation vs. Capacity: How CMOs Compete
In PharmSource’s update of the drug product manufacturing industry’s size and structure (1), the CMO industry was parsed into two strategic segments: innovation-driven CMOs and capacity-driven CMOs. …

Article Interpreting Protein Binding Capacities for Chromatography Resins
In this post, we explain what protein binding capacity is, how it can be measured, and what to look for on a manufacturer's specification sheet. Read more

Article Capacity and Performance of a Next Generation Protein A Chromatography Resin
The resin exhibits improved capacity over its predecessor MabSelect SuRe™ products, while maintaining purification performance. This application note demonstrates the binding capacity and purification…

Poster Creating biomanufacturing capacity
Here is an overview of an example where four  expansions, driven by the industry need for cGMP mammalian cell culture biomanufacturing capacity, have been implemented in four years.

Poster Process economy and production capacity using single-use versus stainless steel fermentation equipment
In comparison with a stainless steel strategy, this study shows that the annual production capacity can be increased up to 100% with a single-use strategy due to a faster batch changeover procedure. T…

Article How To Interpret Protein Binding Capacity: Chromatography Resins
Explore what protein binding capacity is, how it can be measured and what exactly to look for on a manufacturer’s specification sheet in this blog post. Read post

Article How to Determine Dynamic Binding Capacity (DBC) of Chromatography Resins
In protein purification, dynamic binding capacity (DBC) of a chromatography column describes the maximum amount of target protein that you can load onto your column without causing unnecessary loss, m…

Article Immediate, Flexible Capacity with Hydrated Buffers and Process Liquids
However, trends suggested buffer fluid preparation is one area seeing increase activity in outsourcing, as it reduces bottlenecks and is a low risk and alternative way to increase capacity. Download n…

Poster Optimizing productivity on high capacity protein A affinity medium
…sidence time when using MabSelect SuRe LX, with the goal of improving productivity without affecting capacity.

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