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Article Case Study: High Throughput mAb Purification Using Fibro
In this case study, a drug discovery lab at AstraZeneca finds that purifying antibodies with Fibro PrismA means they can screen more candidates per week with a simpler equipment setup. Click here…

Article Rapid Cycling Protein A-Based Fiber Chromatography to Address Emerging Downstream Bottlenecks
Fibro PrismA is a new protein A fiber chromatography format developed to complement traditional resin-based chromatography. The protein A fiber matrix has an open pore structure in which mass transf…

Article Addressing mAb Purification Bottlenecks with Rapid Cycling Chromatography
Read more on Fibro chromatography here

Article Overcome Chromatography Challenges with Fiber Adsorbents
One such technology is the fiber-based Fibro chromatography, which has an open pore structure where mass transfer is governed by convective flow. This structure allows high mAb binding capacities at v…


Article Speeding Up mAb Purification Using Fiber-based Technology
Read more on high throughput automated mAb purification using HiTrap Fibro PrismA.

Article 2019’s Top Bioprocessing Trends and What to Expect in 2020
Readers were particularly interested in learning how Fibro technology can be used in conjunction with ÄKTA™ chromatography systems and autosamplers to reduce process time significantly when compa…


Article Gene Therapies Push Viral Vector Production
Gene Therapies Push Viral Vector Production Kateryna_Kon/ Viral vectors show promise as a delivery mechanism for gene therapy, but which virus types are commerc…

Article Fiber-Based Protein A Chromatography for HTPD
The novel cellulose fiber technology (known as Fibro) may be used with ÄKTA™ chromatography systems and autosamplers to reduce process time significantly compared with conventional chromatography…

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