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Article Tips for Purification Method Editing: Learnings from the Webinar
During the ÄKTA club webinar, “Tips for Protein Purification Method Editing in UNICORN software,” the basics of the UNICORN 7 software were presented. Useful tips and features were demonstrated, …

Article Protein Characterization Using SEC: Three Webinar Takeaways
With more than thirty years in protein science, Åke Danielsson, Research Director at Cytiva, recently held a webinar on protein characterization using size exclusion chromatography (SEC). Here, …

Article Process Development Webinar Library
Cytiva’s library of on-demand webinars are designed to support and accelerate your process development. Browse webinars >>

Article On-Demand Webinar: A Route to Deeper Process Understanding—Studying Resin Variability Using a Process Characterization Kit
This webinar illustrates a cation exchange chromatography process development workflow to assess the effect of ligand density variability on product quality and process performance using a Process Cha…

Article WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Increase Efficiency with the Right Buffer Management Strategy
This webinar focuses on the sweet spots, advantages, and drawbacks with the different buffer preparation approaches.

Resource Cytiva Webinar Hub
Welcome to the Cytiva webinar hub! Please select content below to watch.

Article Webinar On Demand: Expanding SPR Uses in Antibody Effector Function Determination
In this webinar on demand, Dr. Stuart Knowling at Antibody Analytics, Glasgow, shares case-studies illustrating how SPR is applied orthogonally in the workflow and successfully used to develop safe an…

Article Free On-Demand Webinar: Smart Process Development of Chromatography Steps
Smarter development of chromatography processes reduces timelines and improves outcomes.  Smart process development is a collection of approaches to improve and speed up process development—prov…

Article Webinar On-Demand: Novel Analytics to Improve Bioprocessing and Validation Guideline
At the recent Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit, Fredrik Sundberg presented the importance of implementation of a robust analytical control strategy to ensure drug product efficacy and patient safet…

Article Multistep Protein Purification: Gain Time and Consistency
A summary of the benefits and gains using automated multistep purification and Q&A from the webinar are posted in a blog. Read blog

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