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Poster Multimodal chromatography media to resolve purification platform challenges of ‘tricky’ MAbs
Designing a robust polishing step, however, requires process optimization, in which it is crucial to also consider MAb stability. This poster describes the screening and optimization of conditions for…

Article High-throughput screening methods to speed MAb process development
Improved methods of process development and ready-to-use purification solutions are already minimizing the impact of many laborious tasks in MAb manufacturing. Eliminating tasks such as column pac…

Article Integrated Semi-Continuous Process for mAb Production
In brief, the mAb process consists of perfusion cell culture, continuous capture chromatography, viral inactivation (VI), post VI filtration, batch polishing chromatography, and a final pH adjustment …

Poster Designing a continuous three-step MAb purification process
Here, these two technologies were evaluated in a continuous three-step chromatography purification process for a MAb.

Article MAb polishing step development using Capto™ adhere ImpRes in bind-elute mode
The similar properties of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) allow for such a platform approach to processing, based on the wealth of information available from a wide variety of MAb applications. Downloa…

Poster Performance of a fast Surface Plasmon Resonance based MAb quantification method
In this work we show how Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) can be used for MAb quantification.

Article Speeding Up mAb Purification Using Fiber-based Technology
Read more on high throughput automated mAb purification using HiTrap Fibro PrismA.

Article Factors Which Impact mAb Process Scale-Up
Thinking about your mAb scale-up processes early on can help avoid common pitfalls. Fast Trak™ scientists discuss factors that can influence a successful scale-up outcome.

Poster Displacement Chromatography for mAb Charge Separation
Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are large proteins susceptible to several post translational modifications (PTMs) that might cause charge heterogeneity. In the production of biosimilars these modificat…


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