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Tip A Polished Performance in MAb Purification
However, MAbs may leak from the column during washes and/or early in the gradient. If MAb is eluting during the wash step, you could use buffer with lower conductivity and/or avoid buffer blending’s i…

Tip MAb purification platforms
For a quick start to Protein A capture, see Procedure 29-0081-28, titled MAb capture step development using MabSelect SuRe™, for an example with MabSelect SuRe™. (Click on the View PDF icon above.)

Tip Everything is not what it seems
Typically a mAb is captured directly from clarified cell culture supernatant and, after a post-load wash, the purified mAb is eluted using low pH. You would expect that an elution buffer at pH 3.0…

Tip Less is more
An illustrative example is the use of Capto™ adhere, a multimodal anion exchanger, for MAb polishing in flow-through mode. For details see the application note: 29-0192-56 (PDF file).

Tip Absolutely Fabulous
…, but there is not such an obvious single candidate for affinity capture as Protein A has become for mAbs. However, several choices now exist for selective capture of different antibody fragments. Th…

Tip The Value of Extinction
Often an extinction coefficient is not available to determine protein concentration. For monoclonal antibodies, typically 1.4 is used until the real value is known.  But how can you generate an H…

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