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Article Design and Qualification of Single-Use Systems
With increasing regulatory oversight of SUT processes, it’s worthwhile to review basic concepts of design and qualification that apply to single-use components and systems (SUS). Equipment Design …

Article Full Single-Use Downstream Process? Not Any Time Soon.
Here’s why SUTs will not completely replace reuse systems in the near future. Continue reading in this blog post.

Article Preparing for the Future Visions and Insights for Biomanufacturing
Click here to learn more >> The biopharmaceutical industry has a reputation of being averse to change. Yet, new market dynamics, such as growing competition from biosimilars and niche drugs targe…

Article Industry Adoption of Single-Use Systems Remains Low
Single-use technologies are starting to gain ground as capacity needs change, but industrywide adoption remains low. By Feliza Mirasol zli…

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