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Article Faster scale-up of a two-step MAb process with AxiChrom™ columns and ReadyToProcess™ solutions
Scaling up with AxiChrom columns In the scale-up described, the conditions optimized on 4.7 ml HiScreen™ prepacked columns were transferred to a large-scale, two-step purification process run usin…

Multimedia Packing large-scale AxiChrom™ columns
This video from GE Healthcare demonstrates how to pack a large-scale AxiChrom™ column using the AxiChrom Master, which guides the user through key steps.


Multimedia Packing AxiChrom™ Columns using ÄKTA™ avant system
This video from GE Healthcare describes how to pack AxiChrom™ columns using the ÄKTA™ avant liquid chromatography system and UNICORN™ 6 software.

Multimedia Packing small-scale AxiChrom columns
This video from GE demonstrates packing and unpacking techniques for AxiChrom columns.

Article Your Reliable Downstream Bioprocessing. Our Proven AxiChrom Columns
The goal for biopharmaceutical manufacturers is to develop a process that will deliver material for clinical trials quickly and smoothly, achieve success in these trials, and scale up to commercial …

Article Shorter Time-to-Market with AxiChrom™ Columns
As the development race for antibody-based pharmaceuticals intensifies, manufacturers are constantly looking to develop new pipelines to market ahead of the competition. The speed of development of an…

Article High-throughput process development and scale-up of an intermediate purification step for recombinant insulin
Further scale-up can be performed on AKTA avant 150 system and columns from the AxiChrom™ range. This Application note describes a complete workflow from PreDictor plate screening to a 400 mL co…

Article Fast Turnaround with Automated Column Packing
AxiChrom™ columns have been designed for easy and reliable packing. Preprogrammed, verified, and automated packing methods, together with a purposeful column design, enable one operator to quickly ach…

Article The use of Xcellerex™ mixing system as slurry tank when packing chromatography columns
In a related study, the XDM Quad Mixing System was evaluated for use with an AxiChrom™ 300 chromatography column. The mixer was used with the Intelligent Packing concept of AxiChrom columns for packin…

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