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Article Optimizing your Cell Culture Process to Improve Productivity
Cell Culture Process In this video, Mary Szorik and Alicia Elwood at Cytiva, discuss the rationale for cell culture and analytical testing as well as the types of tests that can lead …

Article What’s in your media? How costly is variability of cell culture media to your manufacturing process?
Manufacturing   In this video, Christopher Woolstenhulme, Lead Analytical Scientist of Manufacturing Sciences at Cytiva, is interviewed by BioPharm International and provides insight into t…

Article Cell Culture Media Selection Guide for Your Lab Wall!
It will help you select the right cell culture media and supplement products for your application.

Article Cell Culture Media Manufacturing FAQs
Click here to read more >> Answers to customers top 10 frequently asked questions about our cell culture media manufacturing

Poster Repurposing Fed-Batch Media and Feeds for Highly Productive CHO Cell Perfusion Processes
The authors developed a method for identifying first-generation perfusion culture media based on existing fed-batch media and feeds. Here, they show that they can obtain culture media that successfull…

Article Webinar: Establishing a CHO-K1 cell line and cell line development process for biotherapeutics markets
Establishing a robust cell line is a critical step in the development of a biotherapeutic. But how can you meet rapid timelines when the cell line development workflow is challenged by doc…

Article Innovations in Cell Culture: Developing the Future
Join the discussion here >>  Thursday November 19, 2020 | 2:00 pm EST Developing an upstream cell culture process is hard work. Join this discussion to explore the costs versus b…

Article Cytiva Acquires Intermountain Life Sciences; Will Double Capacity for Buffers and Liquid Cell Culture Media
Click here to learn more >> Cytiva has acquired Intermountain Life Sciences, a manufacturer of high-purity water, buffers, and liquid cell culture media.

Article Innovations in Cell Culture: Manufacturing the Future
Sign up for free here >> “Innovations in Cell Culture” is a new virtual series from Cytiva, where we will explore and discuss the needs of the biopharma industry with a panel of industry …

Article Implementation of Process Intensification Strategies Across the Entire Cell Culture Workflow
Furthermore, the importance of cell culture media optimization prior to implementation of any new process will be discussed. Click here to register >>

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