March 26, 2015

Automated harvesting and 2-step purification of eight 1-L unclarified mammalian cell-culture broths containing antibodies using a novel configuration for ÄKTA pure


Therapeutic antibodies represent one of the fastest growing segments in the pharmaceutical market. The growth of the segment has necessitated development of new efficient and cost saving platforms for the preparation and analysis of early candidates for faster and better antibody selection and characterization.

A new approach on an integrated platform for unattended harvesting and 2-step purification of antibodies expressed transiently in HEK293T-cells at 1-liter scale is shown. The system consists of two bench-top chromatography instruments connected to a central unit with eight disposable filtrations devices used for loading and filtering the unclarified feeds. The configuration of the system allows to process eight samples in 24 h.

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