January 30, 2015

ÄKTAexplorer™: State-of-the-Art Protein Purification as of 1996


ÄKTAexplorer was the first product introduced in the ÄKTA™ range of protein purification systems. Launched in 1996, the system was designed for development and optimization of biomolecular purification, using one working platform for several different techniques and samples. ÄKTAexplorer is still used in thousands of laboratories and has made a significant difference for many scientists globally. We would like to thank you for your trust in ÄKTAexplorer.

Following the success of ÄKTAexplorer, ÄKTA avant chromatography system was introduced 2009 to bring protein purification to the next level and increase productivity in process development. Learn 10 ways how you can boost productivity using ÄKTA avant.

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