September 26, 2019

2019 HTPD Conference is Approaching. What Happened Last Time?

The 5th international conference devoted to high-throughput process development (HTPD) and smart PD will take place on November 4­–7, 2019 in Porto, Portugal.

HTPD 2019 will cover process development spanning upstream through downstream processing for both mAbs and Ab-like molecules, as well as novel biomolecules. Sessions will also include integrated PD and analytics, smart PD, new frontiers in HTPD, and a panel discussion. The HTPD conference series is the key international forum for the presentation and discussion of topics relevant to high-throughput process development and other approaches to smart PD for biopharmaceuticals. 

The main topics of the previous high-throughput process development conference were mechanistic modeling and miniaturization. The extended report, available as download, captures 15 of the presentations. Here’s a summary.

Tags: modeling, smart PD, high throughput screening, high throughput process development, HTPD