November 5, 2015

A Q&A With Günter Jagschies: Recovery of Biological Products Conference Series

Process Development Forum speaks with Günter Jagschies, Cytiva, who is sitting on the organizing committee for the Recovery of Biological Products XVII Conference, which will take place June 19-24, 2016 in Bermuda.

Could you share your viewpoint on the importance of this meeting?
The Recovery of Biological Products is probably the meeting most relevant to scientists, engineers, and managers in the bioprocessing field who have a focus on downstream processing. Participants from academia and industry meet and discuss the latest developments in an environment away from the daily routines, rich in scientific quality and engagement, and free from commercial disturbance.

The theme for Recovery 2016 is ‘Smart BioProcessing.’ Can you elaborate on this theme?
While focusing on downstream processing, RXVII will pay a lot of attention to the fact that no part of a bioprocess is really freestanding. Smart Bioprocessing has been chosen as the theme to emphasize the importance of understanding and controlling the origin of impurities, the impact of the production sources considered for the process, and the economic aspects of all we design and do in a bioprocess. We think it is smart to be on top of the links between all parts of the process and the consequences for manufacturing and affordability economics, while not losing sight of the scientific developments that may not have immediate usefulness in commercial processes but actually drive the field to the next level in the longer term.

What do you look forward to the most from the upcoming Recovery meeting?
As always, there will be a mix of experienced veterans in the field and a large group of new attendees. The quality of exchange between the participants of a Recovery conference is always a unique feature of our meetings. Whether it is in the oral sessions or the two large poster sessions, or whether it happens during the activities scheduled into the scientific program, meeting people from our field for intense discussions brings me back to the conference each time. At RXVII, one of the highlights will be the “Debates Session” where we will have three topics, each kicked off by two “opponents” who will then involve everyone in the audience and lead into a lively, maybe controversial debate about continuous processing, alternative or disruptive technology, and the use of modelling approaches.

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