April 6, 2017

Accelerated flavivirus vaccine production with modern tools and solutions

Flavivirus vaccine development and production constitute many challenges and can be both space-and resource-consuming. This white paper gives an overview of modern tools and solutions, adding flexibility and speed to both upstream and downstream operations in flavivirus vaccine production.

Single-use production bioreactors and chromatography purification columnsmitigate cross-contamination risk and support increased operator safety, while reducing time to market by eliminating costly and time-consuming cleaning operations. By allowing for quick startup and changeover between productions, single-use technologies provide the flexibility required to quickly adapt to market needs. For downstream processing, modern chromatography resins offer high selectivity and excellent pressure-flow properties for high productivity inmanufacturing-scale purifications. This white paper includes a Fast Trak Services case study on the use of such resins to increase purity and yield of a flavivirus vaccine manufacturing process.

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Tags: cross flow filtration, chromatography, single use, vaccine, flavivirus