November 3, 2022

Capture of Bispecific Antibodies and Removal of Product-Related Impurities

The biotherapeutics pipeline is becoming increasingly diverse as antibody variants such as bispecifics, conjugates, and fragments move through preclinical stages to commercial manufacturing. Many of these variants, especially asymmetric bispecific antibodies, are prone to aggregation or to forming product-related impurities such as homodimers and half antibodies during cell culture. The similarities between these impurities present extra challenges for downstream processes, especially post-capture. One potential solution is to initiate polishing at the capture step using differences in avidity. In this article, Cytiva  presents data on applications using MabSelect™ VL protein L resin with novel selectivity to purify challenging entities.

Tags: antibodies, bispecific antibodies, bsAb, protein L, affinity chromatography, product related impurities, mispairing