May 20, 2021

Evaluation of Fibro PrismA for Scalable Single-Use mAb Purification

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In clinical monoclonal antibody (mAb) manufacturing, capture on protein A chromatography resin gives excellent recovery and purity. However, because clinical batch sizes are small, fewer cycles are required compared with full-scale manufacturing; this means that the full resin lifetime is rarely realized.

Bayer worked with Cytiva to evaluate a fiber-based alternative, Fibro PrismA, to determine its potential as a truly single-use mAb capture technology. The team assessed scalability from lab- to process-scale units, tracking pressure drop, step recovery, purity, and eluate volumes across multiple cycles.

Tags: single-use, fiber-based, PrismA, Fibro, capture, resin, chromatography, Protein A, Mab, monoclonal antibody