March 11, 2024

FAQs about Cytiva™ Protein Select™ technology

Cytiva™ Protein Select™ resin is an affinity chromatography resin for purifying any recombinant protein that does not have an affinity binding partner.

Purifying a protein tagged with this technology is simple. One chromatography step does the affinity purification, a traceless tag cleavage, and the tag removal. The pure protein obtained is in its native state with no traces of the tag amino acids. The protocol does not require the use of a protease, and the same buffer can be used for equilibration, binding, wash, and elution.

This FAQ page provides answers to a range of questions covering the mechanism, application, capabilities, and potential use cases of the resin and tag for purifying recombinant proteins.

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Tags: Recombinant proteins, protein purification, process development, affinity chromatography, tagged proteins