June 29, 2023

Future-proof your AAV process with a complete producer cell line – just induce and grow

Stable producer cell lines helped to make mAb therapies the powerhouses they are today. To deliver on the promise of AAV-based gene therapy for prevalent diseases, we need similar technology. The challenge is that multiple genetic elements – rep, helper, capsid, and gene of interest – must be present. Ideally, everything needed to produce the required rAAV would be stably integrated in a single cell line. We describe such an all-inclusive cell line platform that can be customized for your specific GOI and capsid. Just add the induction agent, and you’re ready to go.

In this webinar:
• Discover the drawbacks of using a cell line that’s not complete
• See how to use the ELEVECTA™ platform to produce high-quality AAV at high yield for indications with large patient populations
• Take a deep dive into data on robust scaling to large-scale stirred tank bioreactors
• Learn how Cytiva can help you optimize your upstream processing — with cells, media, bioreactors, and filters that work in tandem

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Tags: Viral vector; cell line development; upstream