June 27, 2024

Introducing Supor Prime Filters: A Filtration Solution for High-Concentration Therapies

As you may already know, many biopharmaceutical manufacturers are producing drugs at higher concentrations. This trend is mainly driven by the demand for subcutaneous drugs that are self-administered by the patient through the skin instead of the vein (IV) at the hospital or clinic. These drugs improve quality of life for our patients and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

This trend towards higher concentration is a challenge for existing filters due to the higher particulate load and viscosity. It is harder to process fluid through the filter and it clogs faster. Manufacturers are compensating for this with oversized filters that have more hold-up. In a highly concentrated drug, every drop counts so you can’t afford to sacrifice yield.

You can confidently meet this challenge with Supor™ Prime filters. With twice the throughput, when compared to competitor filters, a smaller filter can be used which means less hold-up and more yield. For example, instead of using a 10 inch filter, a 5 inch filter can be used to process the same amount of highly concentrated fluid. A smaller filter also means that less product is wasted on flushing the filter. Supor™ Prime delivers at the most critical process steps: post concentration, bulk fill of drug substance, and final fill of drug product.

Attend this virtual event on-demand to learn more about how this filter can help you achieve the gains you need in your process. Topics covered include:
• The changing biopharma landscape and the filtration challenges it faces
• How the Supor™ Prime filter range can double throughput and increase flow rate
• A behind-the-scenes look at the development of the range
• A close-up of the product range showcasing its innovative, user-friendly design

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Tags: Bioprocess filtration; sterile filtration; downstream