July 2, 2018

Miniaturization to Become Even More Successful

Industrial bioprocess development has changed significantly in the last decade, driven primarily by two major factors: ever-rising R&D costs of developing therapeutic candidates with simultaneous demand to speed the development timeline, and increasing regulatory pressure to better control and understand critical process parameters. The industry has turned to high-throughput process development (HTPD) methods—miniaturization, parallelization and automation in particular—to carry out the large number of experiments required for the increasing number of targets entering development or manufacturing. 

Miniaturization was also one of the most discussed topics at the recent HTPD conference in Toledo, Spain. Several talks focused on the use of miniaturized columns and screening plates, such as PreDictor 96-well plates and PreDictor RoboColumn™ units, and the possibility of these formats to become even more important tools going forward. An extended report from the HTPD conference has now been completed with 15 different presentations highlighted.

Read more about the report and download it here.

Tags: HTS, 96-well plates, RoboColumn, Predictor, mintuarization, report, conference, high-throughput-process-development, HTPD