April 21, 2023

Optimization of a two-step purification method for bispecific antibodies

Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) have gained increasing interest over recent years because they can bind two antigens, offering unique modes of action compared to monoclonal antibodies. New and improved antibody bioprocesses and recombination techniques have contributed to a surge in the numbers of bispecific antibody constructs currently in clinical trials.

Alligator Bioscience AB develops antibody-based pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment, specializing in mono- and bispecific antibodies for tumor-directed immunotherapies. The company is active in the early stages of drug development, from early concepts to clinical phase II studies.

This presentation shows the results from Cytiva collaborating with Alligator to develop an efficient downstream purification process for a cancer immunotherapy bispecific antibody (bsAb). A two-step purification protocol was further developed to increase the process economy.

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Tags: downstream, chromatography, antibody, bispecific antibody, capture, polishing, Protein A, MabSelect PrismA, Capto