June 14, 2024

Process development using a nonaffinity method vs Cytiva™ Protein Select™ resin

In this study, we compared two approaches for purifying a recombinant protein that does not have an affinity binding partner.

The first method is using nonaffinity chromatography steps (AIEX + heat treatment + HIC), while the second method is using the novel affinity Cytiva™ Protein Select™ resin for the capture step, followed by an AIEX step.

We compared the complexity and time spent in developing the process. Developing the full process was two times faster when Cytiva Protein Select resin was used in the first step.

We also studied scale-up effects, and shared the results for runs performed onto a 10 cm bed height column.

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Tags: process development, Recombinant proteins, affinity chromatography,