May 18, 2017

Protein Purification Questions and Answers from ÄKTA Club Web Chat

Do you have recurring discussions in your lab that you need input on? Or do you need support to get on with your protein purification? Around 40 protein purifiers joined our latest ÄKTA club web chat to get answers to their questions. Web chats, where Cytiva experts answer questions about protein purification and ÄKTA lab-scale systems during a live session, are recurring events within ÄKTA club.
Questions and answers from our web chat on March 8 have been collected in an interactive PDF. The document includes answers given during the web chat and answers to other questions that we did not have time to provide during the one-hour session.

What did attendees chat about with our R&D experts? Find out here.

ÄKTA club is a free, online community for ÄKTA system users with easy and quick access to trustable information about ÄKTA systems and protein purification.

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