September 9, 2021

Top Challenges to Overcome When Developing AAV Processes: Part 1 of 2

In the first of a two-part series, Anki Magnusson, Staff Research Engineer, Protein and Viral Production, and Åsa Hagner-McWhirter, PhD, Senior Scientist, Bioprocess Applications R&D, both at Cytiva, explore obstacles faced during adeno-associated virus (AAV) process development from both the upstream and downstream perspective.

Topics covered include:

1:00 – Two main challenges for upstream AAV process development, including which development platform to use and scalability

3:09 – Parameters evaluated for AAV plasmid transfection

4:27 – Three main challenges for downstream AAV process development, including cell lysis and the polishing step for full capsid enrichment

7:28 – Challenges associated with full and empty capsid analytics

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Tags: downstream, upstream, process development, AAV