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Article Pulling Out All the Stops in mAb Manufacturing
The need for good manufacturing practice compliance for mAbs going forward is increasingly crucial. Learn more here

Article Developing a HIC polishing step for removal of mAb aggregates
This article describes the development of a flow-through (FT) polishing step using hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) to remove mAb aggregates. It includes: - The use of HTPD plate…

Article Assessing leachables risk over a complete single-use, mAb process
In an article, process equipment-related leachables are mapped over a complete single-use mAb process at pilot scale. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Article Get to know: mAb variants - eLearning
The diversity of antibody variants in the biotherapeutics pipeline are increasing with a growing interest for molecules like antibody fragments and bispecific antibodies (bsAbs). Cytiva has pu…

Webcast Strategies and emerging technologies for mAb capture
You will learn: • Strategies and emerging technologies for intensifying the mAb capture step • How the design of your upstream mode may determine your optimal downstream solution • When techn…

Article Developing a Closed, Connected Single-Use mAb Purification Process
In the Protein A step, Fibro PrismA is compared with MabSelect PrismA regarding process time, recovery, and purification performance.

Article Speeding Up mAb Purification Using Fiber-based Technology
Read more on high throughput automated mAb purification using HiTrap Fibro PrismA.

Article Factors Which Impact mAb Process Scale-Up
Thinking about your mAb scale-up processes early on can help avoid common pitfalls. Fast Trak™ scientists discuss factors that can influence a successful scale-up outcome.

Article Exotoxin Clearance from mAb Samples in a Two-Step Chromatography Process
A heat-stable exotoxin can remain as a contaminant of a drug substance throughout the whole manufacturing process, with the risk of adversely affecting patients’ health. One such toxin is cereulide …

Article Tools and Solutions for Separation of Charged mAb Variants
A biosimilar is an almost identical version of an originator product. To attain regulatory approval, a comparable quality to the reference product in terms of efficacy, purity, and safety should be …

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