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Article Insights and Strategies for Successful Development of Scalable AAV Processes: Part 2 of 2
Topics covered include: 1:00 – The upstream approach for AAV production, such as finding the balance between different parameters in the design of experiments to create a robust production proc…

Article Top Challenges to Overcome When Developing AAV Processes: Part 1 of 2
Topics covered include: 1:00 – Two main challenges for upstream AAV process development, including which development platform to use and scalability 3:09 – Parameters evaluated for AAV p…

Article How to optimize AAV capsid separation
In this free, interactive course you’ll learn how to tackle one of the key challenges in Adeno-associated virus (AAV) manufacturing–separating full and empty capsids in the polishing step. You’ll …

Article Alternative solutions to separate AAV full and empty capsids using anion exchange
Here we present high-performance anion exchange (AEX) chromatography separation for several AAV serotypes using step-elution mode. Optimized protocols and conditions for both resin and membrane format…

Article A deep dive into optimizing AAV capture and polishing to maximize both yield and purity
To meet these needs, Cytiva developed scalable capture and polishing chromatography steps for recombinant AAV (rAAV). The affinity capture step maximizes recovery and efficiently removes impurities. …

Article Scalable AAV Production Process for Gene Therapy
Here, we describe how we developed an efficient and scalable cell culture process for AAV production by evaluating and optimizing each process step.

Article In silico optimization of AAV full/empty particle separation with AIEX
We present a guiding workflow showcasing in silico process optimization of full and empty AAV5 particle separation on strong AEX resins, such as Capto™ Q ImpRes or Capto™ Q with GoSilico™ chromatograp…

Article Balancing AAVs Versus LLVs
Balancing AAVs Versus LLVs

Article Cell culture process development for AAV vector production in suspension cells
Adaptation of HEK293 suspension cell line for transient transfection and scalable adeno-associated virus (AAV) production. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Webcast The GMP of AAV: Purification for Clinical Production
Last, we’ll explore what’s on the horizon for systems and other purification techniques designed for purifying AAV according to good manufacturing practices (GMP) requirements.

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