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Article Case Study: Process for Production of Oncolytic Adenovirus
Here, we present a case study from a biomanufacturer developing a process for adenovirus oncolytic adenovirus production. The case study describes a process from upstream cell culture to downstream pu…

Article Case Study: Virus Reduction of an Affinity Capture Step
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Article Good modeling practice: workflow and case study
The workflow is illustrated with examples from a modeling case study and provides you with tips and insights for good mechanistic modeling practice. Learn more

Article Case Study: High Throughput mAb Purification Using Fibro
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Article Case Study: Oncolytic Adenovirus Production
This case study describes a robust upstream process and downstream process for oncolytic adenovirus production. Purity of final samples meets regulatory requirements. Read article

Poster Case Study: Improve Process Economy by Cycling of Prepacked Chromatography Columns
This customer case study evaluates process performance and economy when reusing a prepacked  ReadyToProcess™ 32 L (450/200) chromatography column over several cycles in a multiproduct facility. The re…

Article Bispecific Antibody Purification: Insights and Case Studies
New modalities, like bispecific antibodies, present unique challenges compared to mAb production. For purification, there’s not just one right answer to which strategy to use. Here are some industry…

Article Evaluating E&L Studies for Single-Use Systems
Extraction studies demonstrate approaches for evaluating single-use bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing materials. By Irene Cecchini, Daniele Mastroianni, Silvia Rocchi, Gabriella Angiuoni Biop…

Article Determining Criticality, Part Two: DoE and Data-Driven Criticality
A practical roadmap in three parts that applies scientific knowledge, risk analysis, experimental data, and process monitoring throughout the three phases of the process validation lifecycle. T…

Article Reimagining Affordable Biosimilars
Advances in preclinical development play a crucial role in reducing cost for developing biosimilars.  By Anurag S. Rathore, Narendra Chirmule, and Himanshu Malani  Drug development is …

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